June 2, 2015

Today we’re celebrating!

We walk in my grandma’s room and they have taken the tube out of her throat. She breathes on her own and I hear her voice for the first time in days.

You can see the look of relief on her face-

The nurses say we have to wait 24 hours before they can run a swallow test. They still have to hold off on giving her water. They don’t know how much damage is done. Can she swallow? Does her body remember how?

I know the pain is excruciating. The back of her throat is bloody and raw, but still she speaks-all of the things she has been waiting a week to say.

She’s finally smiling.

I breathe a little easier today. She’s going to make it-I know it.

I start making plans for when she escapes this place. I still think it’s that simple.

I’ll lease a two bedroom apartment. Her medicaid will pay for a day nurse while I work and I can be home in the evenings to make us dinner. Maybe we’ll even be able to get her out of here in time to take her in a wheel chair to my college graduation-after all, it’s a whole 12 days away.

Hope-we finally have it.

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